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In Taryan Towers, construction processes are actively ongoing.

Despite all the challenges of wartime, we continued construction last year, so we were able to put the Second Tower into operation at the beginning of this year!

We will start handing over the keys to the apartments in two months and by the end of the year (depending on the level of finishing). ▫️We plan to deliver the parking facility in two months. The sales department will contact investors shortly to coordinate individual key handover schedules.

We are also starting to develop an incredible rooftop park for the Second Tower. We will soon share the park visualization.

Construction of the Third Tower is ongoing. Currently, the construction of the framework and facade glazing is in progress. We plan to complete the framework and facade glazing for the residential floors by the end of the year and put it into operation next year.

The First Tower was put into operation at the end of 2020. Residents have been living there for a long time. We plan to open a restaurant on the rooftop of the First Tower next year.


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