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Investment and development company, created to implement the most progressive, innovative, and ambitious projects in the field of development. This is a team of high-class professionals from around the world, visionaries dedicated to their work and setting a new coordinate system in construction and development.


Development by Arthur Mkhitaryan

We focus on creating unique values ​for every client, by combining innovative design, cutting-edge technologies, and highest quality standards. We created TSARSKY - the best lifestyle resort in the country, ROYAL TOWER - the house with the first rooftop park in Ukraine, JACK HOUSE - the house with the first leisure and entertainment club and JACK Club on the roof. All the best from the TARYAN experience we combined in this house and gave it a name - TARYAN Towers.

Implemented project


Poznyakzhilbud is a construction company with an impeccable reputation among Kiev citizens. For 21 years, we have been designing, constructing, implementing, and operating genuinely reliable and comfortable houses that meet all the international standards. Thanks to the principles of loyalty and love to their work, Poznyakilbud Company earned the trust of its customers and became a sign of quality in the Kyiv real estate market.

Quality is the basis of trust

It was founded in 1996 by Nver Mkhitaryan and became one of the first private developers in Kiev. Poznyakzhilbud has built and put into operation more than 1,000,000 square meters, including famous red brick houses, among which are the wave-house in

Tsarskoe Selo, twin towers on Lesi Ukrayiny Boulevard, and a house on Kovpak street, 17.