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In Taryan Towers used the best international practices to residents feel comfortable and secure 24/7.
In the conditions of the quarantine there are everything you need at the Towers of Future – its own supermarket, a fitness area, a restaurant, premium boutiques gallery, terraces in each apartment and much more. Residents will be able to satisfy any need, without leaving own home.
We value the privacy of residents and have separated the flows of residents and guests. There are separate lifts for visiting the areas on the rooftops, which do not stop on the residential floors. The complex provides both common lobbies and residents only.
In Towers of the Future continuous round-the-clock monitoring of the building is carried out using automated control systems.

Taryan Towers is equipped with a personal electronic badge system that will provide access to the elevator, lobby, parking and residential floors.
The Towers of the Future has a protected area with access control, 24-hour video surveillance and security posts.

In Taryan Towers focuses on fire safety. All materials have appropriate fire resistance certificates and their characteristics exceed the existing standards in Ukraine, since when choosing materials and developing a security system, we were guided by the best international cases in fire protection:
- Fire alarm system type, which monitors all zones facility 24/7 and reported on the current status of the object in the control room.
- There is a specially trained team that will be able to eliminate the situation before the arrival of rescue services.
Each apartment and all common areas have a smoke detector, which immediately sends an alert to the dispatcher, immediately sends a signal to the Fire Department and notify a specially trained team in Customer Service.
- On each floor there are communication devices with the control station, which is available to residents 24/7.
- On each residential floor and in common areas, hydrants and protective equipment, an automatic sprinkler system for water fire extinguishing of non-residential premises are provided. Sprinklers are also located above each apartment doorway on the corridor side.
- Fireproof doors EI 60 are installed in common areas, in apartments and on staircases, which withstand the pressure of the flame and high temperatures for an hour.
- In each section, there are three elevators for transporting fire brigades and two additional elevators that connect non-residential, technical floors and parking.
- In each section there are two smoke-free evacuation stairs, which provide an opportunity to safely leave the building.
The residential complex is built in such a way that even of a partial collapse, the core of the building will stand and the smoke will not get into the corridors of evacuation stairs.
- The residential complex is equipped with a voice warning and evacuation control system, as well as a smoke protection system along the evacuation route, marked with special signs that are visible even in the dark.
The system supplies clean air to the vestibule in front of the smoke-free staircase and smoke is exhausted in the corridor, so residents can safely leave the complex, following the instructions.
Taryan Towers is the most innovative residential complex in the country, where advanced solutions use in everything, including fire safety.

Taryan Towers has a centralized air conditioning system with filtration and circulation. Purified air enters the complex. There is water filtration.