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TARYAN TOWERS is the best place for your business. A unique premium-class house is located in the very heart of the business

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We answered the most common questions

What are the arrangements when buying an apartment?

Investing in TARYAN Group real estate is completely safe and reliable. The purchase of apartments is carried out through a legitimate mechanism via the acquisition of targeted bonds. The developer issues securities according to the number of square meters, however he cannot sell them to the buyer directly - this function is performed by the trader. At the same time, both companies are accountable to the state body - the National Commission of Securities, which inspects the developer and can guarantee the investor to fulfill obligations. The buyer signs a reservation contract for the property with the construction company and can be sure that he will receive exactly the housing he is expecting. The construction of the house is financed through the acquisition of the investor's target bonds of the trader. After commissioning, the company buys them out whilst at the same time paying off with square meters. The purchase scheme is governed by Ukrainian law. In part 3, art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Investment Activity" it is determined that investment and financing of housing construction can be carried out by issuing target bonds of the enterprise where the fulfillment of obligations is carried out by transferring the object (part of the object) of housing construction.

What are required documents for purchase?

To purchase real estate, you need the original passport and identification code.

What are the terms of installments?

The initial minimum installment is 30%. Installment is provided free of charge with fixation of the price for 1 sq. m. Special conditions apply with 100% full payment.