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Invest with TARYAN Group

Investing in TARYAN Group facilities is a proper investment of capital. These are ultramodern residential complexes and each project is one of a kind. The TARYAN team relies on the creation of unique values for every client, combines innovative design with advanced technologies and implements high quality standards. This is a gainful investment, especially in houses under construction. The increase in the value of apartments is from 30% to 50%, depending on the stage of entry into the project and the exclusivity of the apartment.

Estimate average profit on investment

2500 $/м 2 2000 $/м 2 1500 $/м 2
I sq. 2015 I sq. 2016 I sq. 2017
2300 $/m 2
  • Cost increase


  • Average annual cost


2500 $/м 2 2000 $/м 2 1550 $/м 2
I sq. 2016 III sq. 2016 I sq. 2017
2300 $/m 2
  • Cost increase


  • Average annual cost


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TARYAN GROUP is an investment and development company, founded by Artur Mkhitaryan for realization of the most progressive, innovative and ambitious development projects.

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POZNAKYZHILBUD — one of the largest construction companies in Kyiv and general contractor also a subsidiary of the TARYAN group.

>1 000 000 м 2



Realized objects


Years history

Layout of apartments

TARYAN TOWERS is the most innovative residences in the country, the embodiment of perfection in a unique ensemble developed by the best world architects and designers. Features of the project: panoramic glazing, free lay-out of apartments, spacious terraces in each apartment, central air-conditioning, premium elevators.


Apartments with designer renovation

Our specialists have prepared variants of original concepts of interiors and optimal color solutions for all types of apartments in TARYAN TOWERS, also three ready made solutions for re-planning of the premises depending on your needs. TARYAN INTERIORS is ready to perform a quality  “turnkey complex repair”, including sanitary ware, household appliances and electronics, to choose furniture and textiles, to develop schemes for decorating the interior of all rooms.

Non-residential premises

TARYAN TOWERS is the best place for your business. A unique premium-class home is located in the heart of business life of Kyiv, which will allow you to be at the center of attention of partners and clients.