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towers of the future

Towers of the Future

We have gone beyond the limits of what is possible to create a grandiose project, which has no analogues in Ukraine. TARYAN TOWERS is the country's most innovative house, the embodiment of perfection in a unique ensemble, developed by the world’s best architects and designers.

Live in the future

The future is closer than you think. You can reach it by hand, feel its rhythmic breathing, become a part of it. Walk on the three roofs, connected by two-level glass bridges. Look at Kiev through the transparent floor: it takes your breath away and stops your heart.

Immerse yourself in a new reality! On the roofs you will find a signature panoramic restaurant, a year-round park with an artificial lake and a winter garden, impressive entertainment with a museum of the future. Do you want to know where the future begins? Here — in TARYAN TOWERS.

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John Dawes Architecture

Inspired by architecture in London, Singapore and Dubai, the British architect John Dawes created an unforgettable image of TARYAN TOWERS — the main element of the futuristic drawing of a metropolis that has no equivalent in Ukraine.

The whole world inside

TARYAN TOWERS has everything you need for convenience, comfort and pleasure: special format of LifeStyle Club TSARSKY, shopping mall with a zone of premium boutiques, a supermarket, restaurants, children's school for early development, swimming pools and fountains.

Go shopping, visit your favorite stores, spend time with friends and family in your favorite restaurant, relax and play sports. We took care of your life, so it would be bright, rich and exciting. We have created a whole world in TARYAN TOWERS, and now it's yours.

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